Bio-chemical Project

Antibiotics, organic acids, enzymes preparation, polysaccharides, single cell protein, vitamin , and alcohol (ethanol) plant etc.. consultancy, sub-contractor, supporting service, turnkey project.

We are a most professional contractor for Agrochemicals projects Design, Engineering, Management (DEM)

We can provide all required things for you

Design & Development

SINGYNTA is trustworthy because we have prominent team. Each worker possesses rich experiences in the field.

SINGYNTA is trustworthy because we have prominent management system, which makes us a responsible and progressive company.

SINGYNTA is trustworthy because we regard quality as our life. Sieco has the whole flow under QC control and its after sales service team will provide you with timely and excellent services.

SINGYNTA is trustworthy because we regard the safety of your company as the key of our cause. And we know safety accident and occupational disease is the killer to Sieco development. Based on our rich experience and responsible attitude, we have confidence to keep you from these dangers.


If you are going to do investment, expand factory or modify the factory, you can call us for the factory layout drawing, production processing drawing and more site pictures