“Reverse Process” Environmental protection unite

SINGYNTA Technology develop environmentally friendly continuative production pipeline, including non-automatic, semi-automatic and computer-controlled full automatic types, for transforming waste plastic, waste rubber, waste tires and waste oil into gasoline, diesel, carbon black and natural gas. This production pipeline suits mass industrial production. The equipment has special anticorrosion structure and device for sealing hot gas, its working life can be 16 years and has the technological characteristics of heating at constant temperature, cracking and pyrolyzing at low temperature and so on. It can feed raw materials, discharge residues and produce qualified oil continually at high temperature within 24 hours.

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SINGYNTA is trustworthy because we have prominent management system, which makes us a responsible and progressive company.

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SINGYNTA is trustworthy because we regard the safety of your company as the key of our cause. And we know safety accident and occupational disease is the killer to Sieco development. Based on our rich experience and responsible attitude, we have confidence to keep you from these dangers.


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